20 Little Victories That Brighten Your Day

These unexpected little wins are basically the best things ever. posted on

1. Getting to jump the line.

You’re stuck in a ridiculously long line when suddenly a new lane is opened right in front of you. Whether it’s at the entry to a festival or a long security line at the airport, a new open line gives you early entrance advantage, leaving those other poor suckers in your dust!

2. Not having to pay for parking.

Since your first monopoly game, free parking has always been a pipe dream. You just so happen to pull in after someone paid for two hours and only used twenty minutes? SCORE!

3. Getting a little more than you paid for.

Oh no! The barista blended more frappacino than necessary. And that’s how a grande turns into a venti ladies and gentlemen.

4. Avoiding a traffic jam.

You merge onto the freeway only to find a traffic jam behind you. Nothing quite like it!

5. When there’s no one sitting near you at the movies.

Oh look, the seat in front of you is empty! Free leg rest!

6. Finding the perfect parking space.

The parking lot is packed and people have been driving in circles. Luckily someone pulls out right in front of you. Other drivers may hate you, but meh, that’s not really your problem.

7. Having a substitute teacher.

He may not be able to pronounce your name, but he also has no way to wrangle the class. Now, where’s the AV guy with the tv?

8. Finding the perfect shirt and it’s on sale.

You may have had to dig through bins or bug that sales associate to check the stock room but the right shirt at the right price? Yes, please!

9. Showing up late, but still being the first to arrive.

You’re late to dinner, but you manage to be the first of your friends to arrive at the restaurant anyways. For all they know you got there on time and have been patiently waiting. Their guilt = Friend points for you!

10. Avoiding a deadly hangover.

Last night, you partied like it was your birthday. At least you think you did. No matter, you miraculously wake up refreshed.

11. Getting out of work early.

Maybe your boss had somewhere to be. Maybe you “had a doctors appointment”. Who cares? FREEDOM!

12. Finding money on the ground.

Is that a nickel? Or, dare I say, a quarter?! Bottom line: Free money!

13. Nabbing a coveted cab.

Maybe you left the event a few minutes early or maybe you walked up a block, the important thing is that you get to wave to the haters as you drive right on by.

14. Winning something, anything.

No matter how small or obsolete of an item, hearing your name called for something free is the greatest. That feeling when you yell “Bingo”? Priceless.

15. Getting an unexpected piece of mail.

It could be a card from your grandma, a care package from your mom, or even a 5% off card for Target, but finding anything unexpected (barring bills/tickets) in the mail is exciting.

16. Getting to sleep in.


There is nothing quite like starting the day without an alarm. Even the universe agrees. Exhibit A: Falling back (Daylight Savings) is the cosmos telling you to press the snooze button.

17. Getting a free upgrade.

Getting a free upgrade is the definition of winning. Wave goodbye to the plebeians as you sashay to the first class seat you so richly deserve.

18. Having to show your ID on your 21st birthday.

After years of bad fakes, memorizing a strangers information, or having to miss out, flash that bouncer a big legal smile!

19. Finding the cereal toy.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, snagging that “collectable” plastic figure before your siblings is like finding the holy grail.

20. Sitting shotgun in a packed car.

If you manage to call “Shotgun” or blitz the person that did (extra points if there are more people than seats available) you are a god among men. Congrats, you just won the hunger games. The odds were clearly in your favor.

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