The 17 Most Delicious Moments In Disney Animation

It looked amazing as a kid, and still does now.

1. All the Stuff Belle tasted in “Be Our Guest”

ESPECIALLY that goopy blue cobbler with Cogsworth in it.

ID: 1226486

2. Chef Louis’ Stuffed Crabs

Ah, Chef Louis… one of the most misunderstood Disney villains of all time. He knew what’s up: crab is DELICIOUS.

ID: 1226492

3. The Most Famous Animated Meatball In the World

ID: 1226496

4. The Most Famous Animated Spaghetti In the World

ID: 1226499

5. This Birthday Cake

Who cares that these fairies can’t cook? It’s the SUGAR CONTENT and SIZE that matters.

ID: 1226501

Pooh’s Honey

Who do they think they’re kidding? That’s nacho cheese and it looks amazing.

ID: 1226503

6. Mulan’s Rice

ID: 1226506

7. The Tourist’s Fallen Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

ID: 1226510

8. Ratatouille’s Ratatouille


ID: 1226511

9. These Marching Oreos

ID: 1227804

10. Cookies!

ID: 1226517

11. Pie!

ID: 1226546

12. Gus’ Corn

Gus’ outfit is rad too.

ID: 1226518

13. Street Rat Bread

Just needs some buttah.

ID: 1226528

14. All this fruit!

Yup, even the prickly pears.

ID: 1226530

15. These Dangerous Cookies

Those are some gorgeous decorating skills.

ID: 1226532

16. Tiana’s Beignets

ID: 1226540


Cheers, y’all.

ID: 1226543

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