Nerd Panties

Is it me, or is it hard to find sufficiently nerdy underwear for gals once we outgrow Underoos? Worry no longer: Etsy user BunnyJump can solve your problem.

1. Portal

ID: 152911

2. Portal Companion Cube

ID: 152923

3. Tardises

ID: 152905

4. Doctor Who Characters

ID: 152908

5. Star Trek Insignia

ID: 152913

6. Skyrim

ID: 152914

7. Legend of Zelda

ID: 152916

8. Moomins

ID: 152918

9. Batman

ID: 152920

10. Mario Mushrooms

ID: 152921

11. Superman Comics

ID: 152925

12. Star Wars Dark Side

ID: 152926

13. Firefly Characters

ID: 152927

BunnyJump’s panties cost $24.39 a pair. They are completely handmade. You can buy them here.

ID: 152929

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