Adorable Food Earrings

Shay Aaron obviously puts a lot of care and effort into her miniature food earrings. If not for the earring posts, I’d totally believe I was looking at a real plate of food.

1. Buttermilk Pancakes

Cost: $23.

ID: 167525

2. Leeks

Cost: $17.50.

ID: 167529

3. Fruit Tart

Cost: $26.

ID: 167538

4. Nutella Sandwiches

Cost: $18.50.

ID: 167527

5. Cupcakes

Cost: $26.

ID: 167564

6. Avocados

Cost: $16.50.

ID: 167531

7. Pain Au Chocolat

Cost: $20.

ID: 167540

8. Lavender Macarons

Cost: $19.

ID: 167548

9. Tomato and Olive Pizza

Cost: $19.50.

ID: 167555

10. Rainbow Shortcake

Cost: $24.

ID: 167560

11. Sandwich and Coke

Cost: $23.

ID: 167566

Check out Shay Aaron’s Etsy shop.

ID: 167574

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