7 Strange Pokémon-Inspired Products

Pokémon are plastered on everything these days. But maybe they shouldn’t be on these products.

1. A tank top

It’s the placement of the Pokéballs that weirds me out.

ID: 162180

2. Condoms

There are actually a few different types of Pokémon condoms. It’s just that these were the most terrifying.

ID: 162686

3. A non-functioning Pikachu clay pipe

It’s a decorative pipe. You know, so no one thinks you actually smoke crack.

ID: 162193

4. A beaded bra

This bra is made out of pony beads. Because pony beads are totally comfortable.

ID: 162181

5. Pikachu Menstrual Pad

For those of you who aren’t in the know, these are reusable, eco-friendly sanitary napkins. But maybe you don’t want to have Pikachu’s cheery face smooshed in your crotch all day.

ID: 162674

6. Bong

The Pokébong was super effective. Or so I’m told.

ID: 162692

7. Implants

If you’re going to buy implants, maybe think twice about it.

ID: 162693

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