21 Nerdalicious Nintendo Tributes

If you can craft, why not nerd craft? And let me tell you, nerds make some pretty amazing things.

1. The 8 Bit Catastrophe Survival Kit.

ID: 600455

2. Goomba Cord Art

ID: 600457

3. The Pokérose

ID: 600458

4. Donkey Kong Shelves

ID: 600460

5. NES Controller Coffee Table

ID: 600475

6. “It’s dangerous to go alone…” Key Hanger

ID: 600463

7. Mario Shelves and Warp Pipe Table

ID: 600464

9. Super Mario Aquarium

ID: 600477

10. Super Mario Quilt

ID: 600465

11. Raccoon Mario Rug and ? Block Ottoman

ID: 600469

12. Super Mario Pincushion

ID: 600472

13. Tetris Building

ID: 600473

14. Mario/Magritte Cross Stitch

ID: 600474

15. Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

ID: 600478

18. Koopa Troopa Guitar

ID: 600490

19. Piranha Plant Lawn Ornament

ID: 600494

20. Super Mario Sweater Vest

ID: 600496

21. Life-Sized Link Papercraft

ID: 600498

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