21 Beautifully Geeky Foods

Why do you tempt me, geek food? You’re far too awesome to actually eat.

2. Link (Legend of Zelda) Pixel Cookies

ID: 648683

3. TMNT Logo Pizza

Click here to find out how this pizza was made.

ID: 648678

4. Carbonite Han Solo Cookies

ID: 648691

5. Lego Minifig Cake Pops

ID: 648706

6. Pac-Man Dumplings

ID: 648707

8. Minecraft Creeper Cake Bars

Click here to learn how to make these.

ID: 648713

9. Phyrexian Unlife Cake (Magic: The Gathering)

ID: 650742

10. IRL Lembas Bread

ID: 650728

11. Gingerbread AT-AT

ID: 648698

12. Studio Ghibli Character Cake Balls

ID: 650736

13. Where The Wild Things Are Bento

ID: 651096

15. Hello Avengers Cupcakes

ID: 651098

16. Angry Birds Pizza

ID: 650727

17. Space Invaders Chocolate

ID: 651101

18. Mana Cookies

To learn how to make these, click here.

ID: 650743

20. Pokémon Cupcakes

ID: 651103

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