20 Wacky Animal-Related Police Blotters

Silly animals. They’re always getting in trouble.

1. Sadly, they only make minimum wage.

ID: 462608

2. Seems totally normal.

ID: 462626

3. He had other things to attend to.

ID: 462631

4. The police are obviously biased.

ID: 462731

5. Squirrels these days.

ID: 462635

6. I guess that means all is well.

ID: 462648

7. Always yield for cows.

ID: 462665

8. But they don’t tell you the cat was a doctor.

ID: 462679

9. Good to know.

ID: 462763

10. Admittedly, I’m grumpy in the mornings too…

ID: 462688

11. Why didn’t he outrun it?

ID: 462796

12. Sometimes the police are too lenient.

ID: 462721

13. Remind me not to move wherever this happened.

ID: 462786

14. The cat turned her in.

ID: 462805

16. I hate it when dogs do this.

ID: 462811

17. A rose by any other name…

ID: 462825

18. Maybe they’re faster than we think.

ID: 462889

19. I’d be concerned too.

ID: 462920

20. It makes sense.

ID: 462950

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