20 Reasons Koalas Are Utterly Ridiculous

Koalas, why are you like this? Do you want to ruin your reputation?

1. Because sometimes you’re driving home from work and this happens.

ID: 949348

2. Because they think a tree is an appropriate place to eat a popsicle.

ID: 949353

3. Because they don’t understand the meaning of “personal space.”

ID: 949372

4. Because they insist on being served milk while sitting in a coffee mug.

ID: 949374

5. Because they follow you to the laundromat and steal your panties.

ID: 949412

6. Because they frequently mistake dogs for futons.

ID: 949375

7. Because they can’t cycle for more than 30 yards without demanding a pit stop.

ID: 949378

8. Because they think this is a good shark impression.

ID: 949379

9. Because they let their friends convince them to do risky things.

ID: 949380

10. Because they all aspire to be American Apparel models.

ID: 949402

11. Because every meal is overly formal and pretentious.

ID: 949393

12. Because they are weirdly insistent that you brush your teeth three times a day.

ID: 949392

13. Because if the water is too hot or too cold you’ll never hear the goddamned end of it.

ID: 949391

14. Because no matter how old they are, they always ask the doctor for a lollipop.

ID: 949411

15. Because if you try to have a serious conversation this is how they respond.

ID: 949398

16. Because they will attempt to hide your mismatched socks.

ID: 949407

17. Because they always want hugs at the most inappropriate times.

ID: 949403

18. Because they celebrate Easter in the middle of August for no apparent reason.

ID: 949400

19. Because goddamned koalas are always messing up your hair.

ID: 949410

20. Because they’ve heard the rumors but are still willing to date Taylor Swift.

ID: 949382

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