20 Rain Frogs That Have Had It With This Week

Whatever happened this week, you’re probably handling it better than these rain frogs.

1. “This week. Nope. Just nope.”

ID: 1223308

2. “Why does everyone feel compelled to touch me? Stop touching me. You’re gross.”

ID: 1223360

3. “Stop it. Just stop it. Everything you do is maddening.”

ID: 1223402

4. “Everything requires so much effort. I’m done.”

ID: 1223343

5. “Oh, you think I had fun at the beach? Beaches are theoretically fun until you factor in all the sand.”

ID: 1223303

7. “Grumpy Cat has a movie deal now? What’s the big deal? I can do the frowny thing too.”

ID: 1223321

8. “Judging you. You get a 3.”

ID: 1223473

9. “EXCUSE ME? Do I look like a frog who has time for your nonsense?”

ID: 1223766

10. “It’s too hot, Mom. Too. Damn. Hot.”

ID: 1223551

11. “I am basically a balloon with legs.”

ID: 1223449

12. “Someone told me I look like a potato.”

ID: 1223613

13. “STFU about your chair feeling like a rock. My chair IS a rock.”

ID: 1223508

14. “No, I do not like the view from here either.”

ID: 1223577

15. “You disgust me.”

ID: 1223741

16. “How the hell are we related, exactly?”

ID: 1223637

17. “Some privacy, please.”

ID: 1223589

18. “Jesus. Is it so hard to put the dishes in the dishwasher?”

ID: 1223717

19. “What do you want me to do now? Haven’t I done enough already?”

ID: 1223730


ID: 1223311

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