20 Mundane Things That Are Inexplicably Uncomfortable

It’s OK to be unnerved by these things. You’re not alone. And if you can get through this list without twitching at least once, more power to you.

1. Nutcrackers

Please don’t eat me.

2. Coral

It’s the holes. And because you thought you were looking at skin at first, right?

3. Old Dolls

I’m sorry, were you human once?

4. Rooftop Photography

Can’t you instagram your food like everyone else?

5. People Removing Contact Lenses

Mostly because of this part.

6. Dentures

Again, please don’t eat me.

7. Lotus Pods

It’s an alien, I swear.

8. Sidewalk Grates

Did I just feel that thing wobble?

9. Geese


10. Rotated Tiles

Screw everything about this. Where’s my jackhammer?

11. Pruney Fingers

Thankfully, this goes away.

12. Fern Spores

Zoom back out, please.

13. Rusty Abandoned Junk

In all fairness, I would have run away and left this place to rot too.

14. Celery Root

*covers eyes*

15. Subway Staircases

Can we get better lighting in here?

16. Barbie Parts

Let’s put the lid on this box.

17. Tree Roots

Is it sidewalk or is it tree? *weeps*

18. Tattoos of Eyes

Eyes anywhere but where eyes belong… Brr.

19. Morel Mushrooms

I just can’t.

20. Gary Busey



For those of you who need it. It’s safe to come out, I promise.

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