Which Pop Diva’s Haircut Should You Actually Have?

Are you ready for a classic RiRi pixie cut, or are you more of a trendy Beyoncé bob?

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    1. MAC / Via
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    1. MAC / Via
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    1. Flickr CC: Tanakawho / Via Flickr: 28481088@N00
    2. Flickr CC: Trey Ratcliff / Via Flickr: 95572727@N00
    3. Flickr CC: Stephane Venne / Via Flickr: ennev
    1. Flickr CC: Anderson Nascimento / Via Flickr: 51924844@N00
    2. Flickr CC: Sal / Via Flickr: wondermonkey2k
    3. Flickr CC: Peter Kemmer / Via Flickr: 7255089@N05
    1. Flickr CC: portusjacksonii / Via Flickr: 25004006@N07
    2. Flickr CC: hills_alive / Via Flickr: 20466740@N00

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