Turns Out Katy Perry’s Been Taking Fashion Cues From An Archie Comics Character

No, seriously, this can’t be a coincidence. H/T HitFix.

1. Someone was flipping through an Archie comic book when they came across a character named Katy Keene.

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2. And basically realized that everything Katy Perry has done heretofore has been inspired by her namesake comic character.


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Right down to the candy cane font. Just… wow.

A bunch of people across Tumblr, online forums, and HitFix started gathering other examples of these “coincidences.”

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4. It’s not THAT uncommon for pinup characters to have blue hair, though, right?

Archie Comics/Capitol
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5. And it’s probably just a coincidence that they both like to wear their hair in loose pin curls while lounging on fluffy pillows…


Though, Katy Perry prefers pillows of pink clouds to Katy Keene’s heart-shaped one.

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6. …and both love wearing large items on their heads.

Archie Comics

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

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7. A lot of people like “borrowing” from Japanese culture, right?

Archie Comics

Kevin Winter / Getty

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8. Who hasn’t had a “jungle girl” moment?

Archie Comics/Capitol
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9. Or dressed up like Mrs. Claus?

Archie Comics

Alexander Tamargo / WireImage

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10. Mermaids — always in fashion.

Archie Comics; GHD
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11. Katy P. and Katy K. are just soul sisters — they both love the ’80s…

Archie Comics; Capitol
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12. Hangin’ in the sun in convertibles…

Archie Comics; Capitol
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13. Heart-shaped bustiers…

Archie Comics

Neil Lupin / Getty

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14. Fireworks…

Archie Comics/Capitol
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15. Peacock outfits…

Archie Comics

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

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16. And coloring.

Archie Comics

George Napolitano / FilmMagic

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17. Katy Keene has a penchant for transformation…and so does Katy P.

George Pimentel / WireImage

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19. …she’s taking them from cartoons.


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20. And now we know!

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21. h/t: HitFix

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