Watch Chris Martin Learn To Fly In Coldplay’s New Silent Film-Inspired Video

He also falls in love with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Ziyi Zhang.

1. Coldplay decided to take things way back for for their new, old-timey video. It looks like a silent film, and tells the story of a love triangle.

ID: 2739321

2. Chris Martin plays two, very different roles: a young magician’s assistant named Christophe and his “moustachioed” boss, Claude.


That ‘stache suits him, no?

ID: 2738760

3. Claude is the assistant to a beautiful “magicienne” named Cecile, played by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Ziyi Zhang.

ID: 2738695

4. He’s kind of really in love with her — and who can blame him? That right there is one fierce lady.

ID: 2738863

5. But there’s one problem — she’s married to the evil magician Claude, who’s basically an asshole.

ID: 2738990

6. What’s poor Christophe to do? An idea comes to him…

ID: 2739015

7. … and he learns to LEVITATE.

He looks so pleased with himself!

ID: 2739038

8. Problem solved.

ID: 2739055

9. True love prevails thanks to MAGIC!

ID: 2739086

10. And the magician and her assistant live happily ever after, “slicing” each other up.

ID: 2739109

11. Watch the full video:

“Magic” is the second single off the Coldplay’s upcoming sixth album, Ghost Stories, out May 19.

ID: 2738662

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