Watch Chris Martin Learn To Fly In Coldplay’s New Silent Film-Inspired Video

He also falls in love with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Ziyi Zhang.

1. Coldplay decided to take things way back for for their new, old-timey video. It looks like a silent film, and tells the story of a love triangle.

2. Chris Martin plays two, very different roles: a young magician’s assistant named Christophe and his “moustachioed” boss, Claude.


That ‘stache suits him, no?

3. Claude is the assistant to a beautiful “magicienne” named Cecile, played by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Ziyi Zhang.

4. He’s kind of really in love with her — and who can blame him? That right there is one fierce lady.

5. But there’s one problem — she’s married to the evil magician Claude, who’s basically an asshole.


6. What’s poor Christophe to do? An idea comes to him…

7. … and he learns to LEVITATE.

He looks so pleased with himself!

8. Problem solved.

9. True love prevails thanks to MAGIC!

10. And the magician and her assistant live happily ever after, “slicing” each other up.

11. Watch the full video:

“Magic” is the second single off the Coldplay’s upcoming sixth album, Ghost Stories, out May 19.

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