Brad Paisley And LL Cool J Have Ended Racism

Yes, this is real.

1. “Accidental Racist” is the name of a song on Brad Paisley’s new album. LL Cool J is featured on it.

ID: 1053739

2. No, I know what you’re thinking.

ID: 1053791

3. YES, this is real.

ID: 1053802

4. Look, proof: Brad Paisley and LL Cool J, TOGETHER.

ID: 1053827

6. No, I know, but look, it’s listed ON his official website, track 14.

ID: 1053845

7. Sidenote: Track 7 is titled “幽 女,” which means “Quiet Female.”


ID: 1053910

8. The lyrics for “Accidental Racist” have already been annotated on RapGenius.

ID: 1054946

9. This isn’t the last we’ll see from this new dynamic duo. LL teams up with Brad for the rapper’s upcoming album, on a song called “Live For You.”

ID: 1053947

10. Yep.

ID: 1053953

H/T The Hairpin

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