August Alsina’s New Song With Nicki Minaj Is About To Get Everyone Pregnant

Grab a fan before you listen to “No Love.”

1. If you’re looking to get all hot and bothered RIGHT now, R&B hottie August Alsina and Nicki Minaj have something for you.

ID: 3442950

2. “Who, me?” you ask.

ID: 3443613

3. Yes, you.

ID: 3443691

4. “No Love” first appeared on August’s April album, Testimony. Its new remix will have you body-rolling in the bedroom:

ID: 3442901

5. No word on when we might see a video, but these videos August posted on Instagram of himself singing will do for now.

ID: 3443483

6. Yep, they’ll do juuuuuust fine.

ID: 3443478

7. Caaaaaan’t wait.

Def Jam
ID: 3442914

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