6 Ways “Tunnel Vision” Is Not Ripping Off “Blurred Lines” At All

They’re really different, I swear! NSFW, because JT and Robin Thicke really, really love boobs.

1. First, look at how old and serious Justin looks. This is a mature video. Now, look at Robin and his baby-blues and his pouty face.

ID: 1374491

2. White wall? Check. Model wearing nothing but a nude thong? Check. Guy dancing? Check. BUT, JT is only a projection here. So, it’s totally different.

ID: 1374508

3. Justin doesn’t use hashtags.

ID: 1374529

4. Justin’s women are writhing around artistically, not bouncing around having fun like Robin Thicke’s models.

ID: 1374765

5. Justin didn’t brag about his dick.

ID: 1374799

6. Justin had a lot more…”fun”…with his cover art.

ID: 1374832

See? Totally different.

ID: 1374834

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