Oodles Of Poodle Cuts

I think we all agree that bouffant poodle cuts are ridiculous. But it’s not only poodles that have to suffer this ignominy.

1. Poodles can be cute.

ID: 954306

2. They are very smart too.

ID: 954303

3. But humans aren’t very smart.

They have to do things like this to a poodle.

ID: 954314

4. And they have awful taste.

Hopefully dogs are color blind.

ID: 954136

6. Not cute.

ID: 954176

7. They make non-poodles suffer the shame, too.

ID: 954093

8. They’ve made this pomeranian cry.

ID: 954154

9. This cat thinks there is no justice in the world.

ID: 954109

10. It’s not funny.

ID: 954112

11. I said, it’s not funny.

ID: 955229

12. This alpaca doesn’t seem to mind, though.

ID: 954120

13. She thinks she pulls it off well.

ID: 954130

14. A poodle cut can take away some of the menace.

ID: 955214

15. But nothing can detract from the dignity of this goat.

ID: 955227

16. Ain’t it pretty?

ID: 954289

17. Lastly… why not a human poodle while we’re at it?

ID: 955243

Watch at your own risk.

ID: 955247

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