Oodles Of Poodle Cuts

I think we all agree that bouffant poodle cuts are ridiculous. But it’s not only poodles that have to suffer this ignominy.

2. They are very smart too.

3. But humans aren’t very smart.

They have to do things like this to a poodle.

4. And they have awful taste.

Hopefully dogs are color blind.

7. They make non-poodles suffer the shame, too.

8. They’ve made this pomeranian cry.

9. This cat thinks there is no justice in the world.

10. It’s not funny.

11. I said, it’s not funny.

12. This alpaca doesn’t seem to mind, though.

13. She thinks she pulls it off well.

14. A poodle cut can take away some of the menace.

15. But nothing can detract from the dignity of this goat.

17. Lastly… why not a human poodle while we’re at it?

Watch at your own risk.

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