Cat Stew For Those Cold Winter Days

When it’s grey, wet and windy, there’s only one remedy — a warm bowl of cat stew. Here’s how to make one.

1. Catch a cat.

This is fairly easy - just set out a colander, and wait for an unsuspecting cat to step in. Then you can grab the colander, cat and all, and carry it to the pot.

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2. If you have company, catch more cats.

Large or small, it is best to have one cat or kitten per person.

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3. You can also harvest your own cat.

If you are into home gardening, you can just harvest a cat from one of your flower pots.

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4. This one is a little overgrown.

Should have been harvested much earlier.

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5. Dogs don’t make good stews

Don’t be fooled by the innocent look.

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Because they will do this.

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7. Let curiosity kill the cat.

Put a pot on the floor; the cat’s nature will do the rest. I recommend earthenware pots; they are much more appealing to cats, and retain heat better than metal ones.

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8. The stew is not ready yet.

The ears are perked, the tail is arched. You must wait a bit more for the cat to become soft and mushy.

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9. Don’t let it spill over, though.

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10. Cooked to perfection

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11. Add more cats as necessary.

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12. The more the better.

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13. 10 minutes later…

Done! Enjoy!

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