17 Dogs That Need A Bigger Bed

Sleeping arrangements can be complex.

1. Because the cat took its bed.

The cat thinks the dog fits fine.

ID: 933433

2. Or a kitten did.

If a dog can’t say no, what can it do?

ID: 933227

3. It’s survival of the fittest.

ID: 933533

4. Or you learn to squeeze in.

It might take a smart border collie to figure it out.

ID: 933235

5. At least keep your bottom warm.

ID: 933257

6. This one just needs to learn how to sleep like a dog.

ID: 933296

7. Some dogs do like small spaces.

ID: 933471

8. Sometimes there are too many abed.

Can you count how many?

ID: 933298

9. Way too many.

ID: 933341

10. One will always fall out.

ID: 933598

11. This one thinks he’s still a puppy.

ID: 933444

12. And puppies don’t know any better

ID: 933476

13. This dog was just trying to make some more space.

ID: 933426

14. This dog decided two beds are better than one.

ID: 933508

15. That table will be too small by next week.

ID: 933348

16. A dog can be too big for your bed.

ID: 933304

17. Oh wait… that’s not a dog.

ID: 933544

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