14 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Women Are Getting Hotter

According to AXE scientists, the earth is heating up because women are getting hotter. And it’s hard to argue with the (VERY SCIENTIFIC) photographic evidence that compares women from the past with the women of today. AXE Black Chill is helping guys keep their cool before it’s too late.

1. Health care didn’t used to be hot, but it certainly is now.

Education Images/UIG / Getty Images



2. Not even work in a grimy old factory is immune to the hotness epidemic.

George Marks / Getty Images



3. Hairstyles have gotten hotter.

English Photographer, The Bridgeman Art Library / Getty Images



4. Bathing suits went from boring to blazing.


Gio Barto


5. Female athletes today are clearly hotter.

Hulton Collection / Getty Images



6. And sports fans are hotter, too.

Alfred Eisenstaedt/Contributor / Getty Images

altrendo images / Getty Images


7. Hats? Hotter.

Sasha, Hulton Archive / Getty Images



8. Having pets? SO HOT.

H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

Hisham Ibrahim / Getty Images


9. Dancing has gone to a new universe of hotness.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images



10. Making music is hotter, too, obviously.




11. Even the simple act of listening to music is now blowing up with hotness.

FDG / Getty Images



12. Eating? Out of control hot.

Chaloner Woods / Getty Images



13. Wearing shoes? Way, way hotter.

Seeberger Freres



14. And simply partying with your friends is at least 100 times hotter.

General Photographic Agency / Getty Images



This factually absurd comparison is inspired by AXE Black Chill’s campaign to help guys keep their cool.

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