Amanda F
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    • Amanda F

      Thanks BuzzFeed for putting your extreme left-leaning spin on the Gosnell case. Let’s start with your list of Gosnell’s crimes, which includes “spinal cords of viable fetuses cut with scissors”.  Viable Fetuses? That’s the kind of thinking that Gosnell used to rationalize killing babies. And yes, the testimonies were that the babies involved were as long as 18-20 inches. That’s pretty much the length of an average full-term baby - so let’s not mince words here. Even in condemning Gosnell, you ignore the fact that the late-term abortion involved children, who were living outside of the womb (which by definition makes them no longer “fetuses”), whose lives were ended with a pair of scissors. But yes, let’s just call them “fetuses” - because that’s what you apparently call unwanted children these days.  You know what? Planned Parenthood is NOT interested in having hospital abortions because that would mean that any child born alive would have access to medical care that would facilitate their continued survival. Their representative, Alisa Snow, was just down in Florida arguing that their main issue with the “born alive legislation” is that the law would mandate all children born alive, after a failed abortion, to be transported to the nearest hospital. Check the videos - she’s heard plainly saying that’s their issue - oh she claimed it was because some hospitals are 45 minutes and “logistics”, etc - but if you buy that then you’re just fooling yourself.  As a woman, I want all people to have access to good medical care. I want them to feel safe and protected. But all people includes a child that’s growing inside his/her mother’s womb. I’m not about to support using taxpayer funding for abortion so that women don’t have to feel bad about ending a life. I think it’s a sign of where we have come as a country that we want to do whatever we want with no consequences whatsoever. Don’t we teach our kids that our actions have consequences? Why teach them that at all, if we’re going to just say “but hey, if you get pregnant, just get rid of the baby, and everything will be okay again.” And yes, there are MANY pro-lifers willing to adopt those unwanted children - maybe what we should be talking about as a country is adoption reform so that not only the wealthiest can afford to go through that process. There are many in the middle that can’t have children but would love to have one - and are barred because they don’t have the thousands upon thousands required to pay for the legal fees.  So thanks Buzzfeed for once again letting us know where you stand on the spectrum. WAAAAAAAAAY to the left with no regard for impartiality. Good reporting.