28 Wedding Proposals Every Geek Dreams Of

If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t propose to you in a manner that appeals to your specific fandom, they aren’t worth marrying.

1. I can practically hear the chest opening music from Ocarina of Time when I look at this.

ID: 1160696

2. There are broader bands, but these Cat5e connector rings should suffice for most couples.

ID: 1160558

3. Comic book artist Leigh Gallagher used his talents by turning his proposal into a comic strip.

ID: 1160569

4. Software programmer Bernie Peng created a custom version of the game Bejeweled to propose.

ID: 1160613

Popcap, the company that makes Bejeweled, was so impressed by the proposal that they offered to pay for the honeymoon and gave every guest at the wedding a free copy of the game.

ID: 1160621

5. This innovative Pokémon trainer repurposed a Pokéball to propose to his girlfriend.

ID: 1160630

6. Cannibalizing her favorite book may upset her a little, but I’m sure she’ll understand.

ID: 1160652

7. Also applicable when proposing to anyone named Luigi.

ID: 1160668

8. A twopher! He proposes with a TARDIS, she counters with the One Ring.

ID: 1160682

9. If you want to show off your nerd cred, but still remain somewhat subtle, these rings are a good option.

ID: 1160688

10. Wow! Usually you have to defeat a boss to get one of those!

ID: 1160699

11. This role-player replaced the stone in her engagement ring with a tiny D10.

ID: 1160720

12. Now you’re thinking with proposals!

ID: 1160740

13. If you don’t have the willpower to propose, you leave it up to Green Lantern and Sinestro.

ID: 1160808

14. …Or the cast of The Next Generation.

ID: 1160832

15. The only rings on this list that contain the power of the three Golden Goddesses.

ID: 1160563

16. Just like the One Ring, except it’s not binding them in darkness. That’d kinda be a bummer.

ID: 1160826

17. An Astromech ring for the droid in your life.

ID: 1160863

18. This ring’s got a little bit of everything!

ID: 1160875

19. This TARDIS ring is so tasteful that it could pass as a regular engagement ring.

ID: 1160896

20. Imagine all the cool stuff you could build onto it!

ID: 1160903

21. Nothing kicks a proposal into warp drive better than Captain Piccard.

ID: 1160843

22. This ring from Luke Jerram has a 20 second message for his partner Shelina recorded onto its surface.

ID: 1160910

Listen to the ring in action.

ID: 1160913

23. Usually I’d be dubious about a Decepticon engagement ring, but this one is pretty awesome.

ID: 1160918

24. An engagement ring based on Indiana Jones’ whip? THIS RING BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

ID: 1160927

25. These engagement rings harness the powers of all the Sailor Scouts.

ID: 1160938

26. Warning: There’s no telling where your finger will end up if you put on this Stargate ring.

ID: 1160943

27. C’mon! You’re not going to argue with the toys from Toy Story 3, are you?

ID: 1160952

28. It’s not a proposal until it requires an advanced degree in computer programming.

ID: 1160973

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