The Romantic Pairing From “Pacific Rim” That You Didn’t Expect

While everyone is rushing to write fan fiction and draw fan art of every possible pairing of the Jaeger pilots, one quiet corner of the Internet has found Pacific Rim’s least expected One True Pair.

1. Everyone who saw Pacific Rim loved the bumbling scientist pair of Newton Geiszler (played by Charlie Day) and Hermann Gottlieb (played by Burn Gorman).

ID: 1373107

2. But some people saw a little something extra happening between the two.

ID: 1373212

3. Maybe it started with a look, or a brief exchange in the movie.

ID: 1373222

4. But the fans have turned it into so much more.

ID: 1373248

5. Geiszler/Gottlieb shippers see a special kinship between the two.

ID: 1373270

7. This is more than just two science bros hanging out.

ID: 1373306

8. This kinship borderlines on romantic.

ID: 1373292

9. Like, REALLY borderlines on romantic.

ID: 1373287

10. And maybe goes past that border.

ID: 1373318

11. WAY past it.

ID: 1373321

12. Geiszler and Gottlieb, OTP.

ID: 1373330

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