The 13 Most Indisputable Fan Theories Of 2013

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking this year.

1. The “The Walking Dead and Toy Story have the exact same plot” theory:

ID: 2039895
ID: 2039906
ID: 2039913
ID: 2039918
ID: 2039926
ID: 2039933
ID: 2039940
ID: 2039948
ID: 2039964

2. The “the Harry Potter books are J.K. Rowling’s Horcruxes” theory:

ID: 2041028

Which means she needed to kill someone to create a Horcrux for each of the seven books:

ID: 2041101

3. The “Stan Lee is actually Uatu the Watcher” theory:

ID: 2041322

4. The “animals and inanimate objects from the Pixar universe rise up against humanity” theory:

ID: 2040502
ID: 2040822
ID: 2040826
ID: 2040833
ID: 2040846

5. The “Doctor Who actually exists” theory:

ID: 2040912

6. The “dark side of Nickelodeon” theories:

ID: 2045469
ID: 2045655

7. The “eccentric characters from fiction are actually timelords” theory:

ID: 2045192
ID: 2045737

8. The “unified Tarantino universe” theory:

ID: 2040961

Which helps explain how Kill Bill II revealed that Dr. Schultz from Django Unchained stole his identity.

ID: 2040960

And why Christopher Walken’s character from Pulp Fiction made an appearance in Django Unchained.

ID: 2040973

9. The “Harry can never die” theory:

ID: 2041177

10. The “Spock is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes” theory:

ID: 2041191

11. The “J. Jonah Jameson knew all along” theory:

ID: 2041204

12. The “E.T. and Star Wars happen in the same universe” theory:

ID: 2041271

13. The “this is why we don’t have hoverboards” theory:

ID: 2041345

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