The 22 Most Beautifully Secluded Places In The World

Warning: Looking at these photos will definitely make you start feeling a little claustrophobic.

1. Peak District, England

Earthwatcher/__username__ / Via Flickr: earthwatcher

2. Qassiarsuk – Erik the Red’s former farm in Greenland

Clare Rowland/__username__ / Via Flickr: clurr

3. Benbulbin in the Dartry Mountains in Ireland

Gerard Levitt/__username__ / Via Flickr: copperkettle

4. Ellidaey Island, Iceland

Chris Zielecki/__username__ / Via Flickr: zanthia
Chris Zielecki/__username__ / Via Flickr: zanthia

5. The Deer Stones of Mongolia

6. Mount Shuksan, Washington

Richard Droker/__username__ / Via Flickr: 29750062@N06
Rich Murphy/__username__ / Via Flickr: richmurphy008

8. Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan

peretzp/__username__ / Via Flickr: ifl

9. The steppes of Kazakhstan

estate8143 / Via

10. The Austrian countryside

Clark and Kim Kayes / Via Flickr: touncertaintyandbeyond

11. The Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan

SimonJP/__username__ / Via Flickr: simonjp

12. The fjords of Baffin Island

NASA ICE/__username__ / Via Flickr: nasa_ice

13. Mont Saint-Michel Abbey in France

Christian Villar/__username__ / Via Flickr: 24021691@N00

14. Olchon Island on Lake Baikal in Russia

estate8143/__username__ / Via
estate8143/__username__ / Via

15. Thimphu, Bhutan

shin—k/__username__ / Via Flickr: sinn

16. The Castles of Switzerland

vasile23 /__username__ / Via Flickr: vasile23

17. Crescent Lake in the Gobi Desert

18. Meteora Monastery in Greece


19. Halstatt, Austria


20. Gasadalur Village in the Faroe Islands

Hans J. Hansen/__username__ / Via Flickr: hansjuul

21. Taktsang Palphug Monastery in Bhutan


22. The fjords of Iceland

Michał Sacharewicz/__username__ / Via Flickr: onnufry

23. Alcazar Caste in Segovia, Spain

Javier Javisego / Via

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