The 12 Craziest Things Mankind Has Stuffed Into Pizza Crusts

“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” —Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias

1. Cones filled with cream cheese.

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2. There are also variations that come with chicken and cream cheese and honey-mustard chicken stuffed into the cones.

ID: 992104

3. Cheese AND pepperoni INSIDE little garlic rolls.

(There are also little hamburgers on top of the pizza, in case the crust wasn’t gluttonous for you.)

ID: 992253

4. Cheeseburgers and chicken filets.

ID: 992116

The Cheeseburger Crown Crust in action…

ID: 992117

…and the Chicken Filet Crown Crust.

ID: 992119

5. One crust stuffed with a three-cheese blend, and another stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage (all on one pizza).

ID: 992265

6. Tiny hot dogs.

ID: 992124

7. Oh, and full-sized hot dogs.

ID: 992183

8. An onion bagel.

(Not really stuffed into the crust, but more as the crust itself.)

ID: 992228

9. Boneless buffalo chicken wings.

ID: 992244

10. Cheese blend inside the crust, crispy corn flakes on top. (Also, a second crust in the middle for good measure.)

ID: 992276

11. Cheese and tomato sauce.

ID: 992282

12. And the ultimate in stuffed-crust pizzas, the pizza stuffed-crust pizza.

ID: 992235

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