The 22 Best Resumes Any Company Has Ever Received

The job market can be tough to break into, so it helps to do something that makes your resume stand out. You know, like misspelling everything and attaching a picture of your penis. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.

1. This resume that is accidentally just a picture of Nic Cage:

ID: 944695

2. This resume with a hidden hobby:

ID: 944707

3. This resume from an actor who just finished a particularly challenging role:

ID: 944708

4. This resume from the most confident candidate you’ve ever seen:

ID: 944719

5. This resume from a non-native English speaker who’s trying his best:

ID: 944702

6. This resume from the most overqualified candidate out there:

ID: 944722

7. This resume that cuts straight to the point:

ID: 944697

8. This TOTALLY LEGIT letter of reference:

ID: 944698

9. This particularly poetic resume:

ID: 944701

10. This resume that YOU CAN’T EVEN HANDLE:

ID: 944703

11. This resume honoring the late Tupac Shakur:

ID: 944704

12. This resume from the person who accidentally created AIDS:

ID: 944956

13. This resume from a real nefarious dude:

ID: 944706

14. This resume that somehow escaped the fire:

ID: 944711

15. This resume telling the story of Ricky Santangelo:

ID: 944714

16. This reesoome from some1 totalee literit:

ID: 944715

17. This resume that gives 0 f**ks:

ID: 944718

18. This resume from a real go-getter:

ID: 944720

19. This resume from a meticulous proofreader:

ID: 944721

20. This resume that will make you want to quit your job and get back into the job hunt because it’s so inspiring:

ID: 944723

21. This charming, folksy, handwritten resume:

ID: 944724

22. This resume from an experienced cock:

ID: 944960

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