The 16 Best Mail-In Prizes From Your Childhood

The best things in life aren’t free. They cost 30 Pizza Points plus $3.99 shipping and handling. Everything from toys to cigarettes had proof of purchase points, and if you could manage to not lose them, they bought some pretty awesome stuff.

1. The trend started with Kenner’s offers on Star Wars toys in the ’70s:

ID: 869544

3. In the ’80s, “Pizza Points” could be found on the back of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys:

ID: 869435

4. They were redeemable for prizes like this inexplicable life vest:

ID: 869516

6. And these stuffed turtles that look like knock-offs:

ID: 869521

8. Transformers proof of purchase points had the uninspired name of “Robot Points”:

ID: 869809

9. Which bought you awesome figures like this:

ID: 869751

10. And less awesome figures like Reflector here:

ID: 869764

11. G.I. Joe toys had “Flag Points” on them:

ID: 869844

12. Which could be used to buy exclusive promotional figures:

ID: 869857

13. And this special edition of Cobra Commander:

ID: 869866

14. It wasn’t just toys. Kool-Aid had one of the best point systems around:

ID: 869887

15. With some of the best prizes around:

ID: 869908

16. Like this inflatable Kool-Aid man:

ID: 869920

17. And their own branded video game:

ID: 869923

18. Everyone remembers thumbing through Pepsi Stuff catalogs every year:

ID: 869948

19. Looking good, Cindy:

ID: 869951

20. Nothing cooler than a branded leather jacket:

ID: 869961

21. Or these “shades”:

ID: 869962

22. And of course, anyone who grew up with smokers will remember “Camel Cash”:

ID: 869977

23. The prizes were always really strange, like this pyramid clock:

ID: 870028

24. And this brass box and camel necklace:

ID: 870029

25. Except for this silk jacket. That’s actually the coolest:

ID: 870031

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