• Tay Zonday

    Tay Zonday is a YouTube musician who gained national notoriety about 3 years ago when he uploaded the video of an original song called Chocolate Rain, which has since been viewed almost 50 million times.

  • President Obama

    Even Before Barack Obama was officially elected President of the United States, he was already a big hit in the world of memes.

  • After Obama was elected and took office, he proved to be a viral video hit-maker with his weekly YouTube addresses to the nation.

  • Bubb Rubb

    Bubb Rubb is Oakland’s foremost expert on “whistle tips,” so when a local news team needed an insider perspective on the issue, they naturally paid him a visit. Little did they know that the Internet would embrace Bubb Rubb, making him a viral video superstar.

  • Mark “Afro Ninja” Hicks

    Stuntman Mark Hicks failed a back-flip during a taped audition, and after he recovered from his concussion, he went on to have one of the biggest viral videos of all time. He even turned his story into a feature-length film last year.

  • Reh Dogg

    Another YouTube “musician” propelled to the heights of Internet stardom for his music video for the song Why Must I Cry. ( A video so infamous for it’s terrible production values that Tosh.0 sought out Reh Dogg, and helped him reshoot the video.)

  • Samwell

    Samwell is most well known for his YouTube hit What What (In the Butt). His original video was so popular, that it was even parodied by a character on “South Park.”

  • T-Pain

    Without T-Pain, the musical phenomenon of “auto-tune” wouldn’t be nearly as popular, and without auto-tune we wouldn’t have the hundreds of “random thing that’s been auto-tuned” videos that we do today.

  • Mr. Chi City

    Mr. Chi City is a video blogger who brings people into his life without ever actually showing himself in his videos. Whether he is killing bugs, showing off the contents of his fridge, or just chillin’ on a Sunday, there is no part of his life that Mr. Chi City won’t share with you.

  • Sammy Stephens

    Sammy Stephens is the owner of a flea market in Montgomery and an amateur rapper. He became big after his commercial, in which he rapped about how his establishment was “just like a mini mall,” was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

  • “Black Desi”

    Desi is a employee at a computer store who, with the help of his coworker “White Wanda,” helped expose the HP MediaSmart computer as the most racist piece of technology of 2009 after he noticed that the face-tracking software would follow Wanda’s face, but not his own.