24 Texts You Don’t Want To Get From Your Parents

OK, which one of you told Mom and Dad about texting?

1. Thanks, Dad.

ID: 992819

2. Father of the year.

ID: 992820

3. Classic prank, Mom.

ID: 992822

4. That doesn’t mean what you think it means, Mom.

ID: 992842

5. Great, now Mom thinks you’re a jerk.

ID: 992821

6. Dadmau5

ID: 992823

7. Hashtag nailed it.

ID: 992833

8. Momtrapment

ID: 992824

9. Mom’s memory is starting to go.

ID: 992825

10. Someone call the burn unit.

ID: 992826

11. Eh, close enough.

ID: 992830

12. Boner, Amanda…boner.

ID: 992827

13. Sounds like Dad had a great time.

ID: 992835

14. Mom and Dad are proud…of your travel plans.

ID: 992828

15. inherdefenseitsactuallyreallyhardtofind

ID: 992831

16. You know…grape jelly…for sex.

ID: 992829

17. Stunning pic, Mom.

ID: 992836

18. Damn auto erect.

ID: 992837

19. Pow! Zap! Blammo!

ID: 992834

20. The charmingly adolescent euphemism balances out the grossness of this one.

ID: 992838

21. I guess I kinda see it?

ID: 992832

22. No, Mom. Send help.

ID: 992839

23. Classic dad joke.

ID: 992840

24. Totally uncalled for, but still a pretty great burn.

ID: 992841

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