25 Signs You’re Not Ready To Be A Parent

It takes a village to raise a child. Just not your village.

1. You could barely keep a Tamagotchi alive.

ID: 1971570

2. Your priorities aren’t in the right place yet…and you REALLY like Ghostbusters II.

ID: 1971686

3. Admit it, this is just about the only plant you could keep alive:

ID: 1971581

4. You’re really not sure how you’re supposed to, like, hold one?

ID: 1971623

5. You can’t help yourself when presented with this situation:

ID: 1971577

6. You’re not really sure your cat would get along with a new baby.

ID: 1971701

7. You still care too much about your expensive electronics.

ID: 1971583

8. The word “poop” is still hilarious to you.

ID: 1971587

9. This seems like an acceptable dinner to you:

ID: 1971593

10. You don’t have the amount of patience required to keep them from hurting themselves.

ID: 1971638

11. This seems like a really great idea to you:

ID: 1971599

12. You know that you’re not quite ready for the commitment parenthood takes.

ID: 1971600

13. You still use the “Hold this! Now you’re playing too!” when playing video games.

ID: 1971605

14. You don’t care how much sleep a baby needs, you paid to get into the children’s museum and she’s going to enjoy herself, dammit.

ID: 1971621

15. You’re not quite ready to give up the spotlight yet.

ID: 1971678

16. You think the only reason to have kids is because it’d be funny to have a little you running around.

ID: 1971626

17. You’re not above tricking babies.

ID: 1971709

18. You haven’t gotten around to moving your trampoline away from those rusty rebars yet.

ID: 1971695

19. You’re into the idea of a baby, but only as an accessory.

ID: 1971716

20. You feel like this is an appropriate way to play with a child:

ID: 1971729

21. You haven’t put a ton of thought into baby-proofing your place yet.

ID: 1971726

22. You’re not quite ready to give up brutal snowball fights yet.

ID: 1971735

23. Let’s face it: You’d probably end up doing something like this:

ID: 1971640

24. Or this:

ID: 1971648

25. Or this:

ID: 1971650

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