21 Reasons Karl Stefanovic Is The Greatest Australian Journalist Of All Time

Somebody give this man a Nobel Peace Prize.

1. Karl Stefanovic is Australia’s greatest journalist…

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2. He may even be the greatest journalist in the world. It’s hard to say.

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3. He takes the news very seriously.

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4. And has incredible rapport with his co-anchors…

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5. And would never do anything to harm their credibility.

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6. Think about the greatest interviewers of all time. What name comes to mind?

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David Frost?

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Larry King?

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No. Karl Stefanovic.

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7. He has talked with some of the most important people on the planet. Whether it’s religious leaders…

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8. Or pop stars…

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9. He treats every guest with respect and sincerity.

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10. He’s experienced in sports coverage…

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11. Including reporting from the field…

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12. No matter how challenging, his coverage is always rousing…

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13. His human interest stories are always revealing…

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14. He has even done impressive stories on food trends…

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ID: 2350197

15. Everyone remembers his bravery in the face of adversity, like that time he ate the world’s hottest pie.

ID: 2350438

16. A true hero of.

One of us ate the worlds hottest pie and one of us didn't @benfordham

— Karl Stefanovic (@karlstefanovic)
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17. He’s not afraid to really explore the physical space of his studio…

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ID: 2350231
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18. But he also loves the outdoors, and respects the beauty of the natural world.

This Lake Louise in Canada is sensational but someone needs to get rid of that tree.

— Karl Stefanovic (@karlstefanovic)
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19. His reporting can even be practical. Think about Karl the next time you’re considering your home security…

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20. Because he’s certainly thinking about you.

ID: 2350203

21. Plus, just look at those pins!

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