21 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Understand

Being obsessed with music is a full-time occupation.

1. When people don’t realize that a hit song is just a cover of another song.

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2. When someone asks you what your favorite album is and expects you to pick just one.

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3. When you play a song for someone and they start talking.

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4. When the radio overplays the single from your favorite new album.


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5. When the new album from a band you love gets a bad review.

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6. When you have to wait 10 years between albums.

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7. When you have your headphones on and forget you’re in public.

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8. When no one gets your obscure music references.

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9. When you ask someone what they’re into and they say, “Oh, you know. Anything.”

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10. Or they say that they don’t really listen to music.

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11. When you can’t talk about a band without saying EVERYTHING about the band.

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12. Only being able to start something after you’ve found the perfect playlist.

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13. When you play a song for someone and it’s not as amazing as you remember.

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14. When someone refers to it as “your music” dismissively.

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15. When you can’t stop yourself from ranking everything.

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16. When you can’t stop planning the songs they’ll play at your wedding.

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17. Or your funeral.

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18. When you need to start keeping a running list of songs to sing at karaoke in your phone.

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19. Then you never end up using it.

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20. When a song comes on that you just can’t not sing along to.

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21. When people think they’re super-fans, but only know the latest record.

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