23 Problems Every Golfer Will Understand

Jack Nicklaus once said “the game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.” What he meant to say was “the game of golf is 90% mental and 10% mental.”

1. You’ll hit a 30-yard wide fairway 20% of the time. You’ll hit a 3-inch wide branch 80% of the time.

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2. When the group in front of you gets held up.

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3. Trying to find your ball, and finding this marker instead:

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4. Always getting this close to a hole-in-one.

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5. Deep, deep sand traps.

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6. Trying to putt on aerated greens…

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7. Dozens of separate thoughts going through your mind during your swing.

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8. Missing a put by a fraction of an inch, then watching your ball roll into the bunker.

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9. You’ll only manage to hole a 30-foot putt when it’s for a 10.

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10. When you sink a birdie, and immediately follow it up with two bogeys.

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11. You’ll make 90% of your gimme shots. You’ll make 100% of the scoops you do after you miss your gimme shots.

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12. You always have a great game right when a storm is rolling in.

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13. Trying to remember if you shot a 6 or a 7, then being told you shot a 9.

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14. Whenever you make par:

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15. Your trophy shelf is filled with these:

ID: 2631093

16. You’ve heard a lot of golf tips, but this one is the only one that always works.

(Set your club in the flag so you don’t accidentally leave it behind.)

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17. Of all the rules in golf, this is the hardest one to follow.

ID: 2631092

18. Making that hard decision to play it as it lies.

ID: 2631097

19. Not realizing you were about to hit a mushroom until after you’ve set up your shot and addressed the ball.

ID: 2631094

20. Losing so many balls that this seems like a better solution:

ID: 2631096

21. Your first tee shot of the day. Every day.

ID: 2631098

22. Emptying your pockets at the end of the day.

ID: 2631101

23. And you know the only really good way to improve your game.

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