23 Pictures You Can Practically Feel

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” –These people

1. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it won’t seem that way in about 2 seconds.

2. Everyone in the background knows what’s about to happen.

3. Of all the places for this to happen.

4. There are easier ways to get a beer.

6. That’s a long way down…

7. Despite disaster, it’s still a pretty badass family portrait.

8. It somehow hurts more when they don’t burst.

9. Actually, most people are water skiing with their feet these days.

10. I cringe thinking about that leg under his body.

11. The split second before it really registers.

12. A pie to the face with a little something extra.

14. Sorry about your coffee… and your tailbone.

16. I don’t think your wrist is going to be enough to break your fall.

17. The last guy just realized his mistake.

18. Your good mood is about to be ruined.

19. It’s actually pretty miraculous how well this lined up.

20. A severe miscalculation in trajectory.

21. A waste of good wine. And brain cells.

22. Did I say it hurt more when they didn’t burst? Nevermind.

23. When you see it…

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