23 Pictures You Can Practically Feel

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” –These people

1. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it won’t seem that way in about 2 seconds.

ID: 1040225

2. Everyone in the background knows what’s about to happen.

ID: 1040226

3. Of all the places for this to happen.

ID: 1040227

4. There are easier ways to get a beer.

ID: 1040228

5. His face…

ID: 1040229

6. That’s a long way down…

ID: 1040230

7. Despite disaster, it’s still a pretty badass family portrait.

ID: 1040231

8. It somehow hurts more when they don’t burst.

ID: 1040232

9. Actually, most people are water skiing with their feet these days.

ID: 1040233

10. I cringe thinking about that leg under his body.

ID: 1040234

11. The split second before it really registers.

ID: 1040235

12. A pie to the face with a little something extra.

ID: 1040236

14. Sorry about your coffee… and your tailbone.

ID: 1040239

15. Pull your arms in!

ID: 1040240

16. I don’t think your wrist is going to be enough to break your fall.

ID: 1040241

17. The last guy just realized his mistake.

ID: 1040242

18. Your good mood is about to be ruined.

ID: 1040243

19. It’s actually pretty miraculous how well this lined up.

ID: 1040244

20. A severe miscalculation in trajectory.

ID: 1040245

21. A waste of good wine. And brain cells.

ID: 1040246

22. Did I say it hurt more when they didn’t burst? Nevermind.

ID: 1040238

23. When you see it…

ID: 1040300

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