24 People You Desperately Wish You Could Be

There go our heroes. Watch them as they go.

1. The cooler Daniel:

ID: 1843673

2. The guy who got TWO Fruit By The Foot roll-ups in one package:

ID: 1843672

3. Someone who makes up in Photoshop skills what they lack in suits:

ID: 1843671

4. The guy who started this Kickstarter campaign:

ID: 1843674

5. This lady:

ID: 1843675

6. Bill Marigold:

ID: 1843668

7. The guy who got to give this cat a big promotion:

ID: 1843676

8. This party animal:

ID: 1843677

9. The kind of person who has a tiny laptop for their bird:

ID: 1843678

10. Someone who gets their own face on their iPhone case:

ID: 1843679

11. A husky man, in a husky shirt, with a husky dog:

ID: 1843680

12. The kind of person who puts a trampoline in their backyard so goats can play on it:

ID: 1843683

13. The first person to think of the classic Starbucks “Bueller” prank:

ID: 1843686

14. The certified genius who came up with the catnip tombstone:

ID: 1843687

15. The guy who built a deck for his dog’s house:

ID: 1843684

16. These dudes who had one too many drinks before meeting Mary Poppins at Disney World:

ID: 1843688

17. The American hero who pulled off this impeccable hater-themed T-shirt at the club:

ID: 1843689

18. A person who is actually a cat:

ID: 1843690

19. The kind of person who spends an entire show photobombing the cameraman:

ID: 1843691

20. Anyone who is allowed to take a bath in puppies:

ID: 1843834

21. Anyone whose dog loves them this much:

ID: 1844080

22. This guy who got a free hug from a balloon:

ID: 1843990

23. The coolest guy ever to catch a foul ball:

ID: 1844290

24. And, of course, anyone who is so awesome that they make the cover of the hit book How to Be Awesome:

ID: 1843837

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