17 People Whose Lives Went Downhill Fast

Having a rough day? At least you’re not one of these people.

1. This woman:

ID: 929174

2. YouTube user za0000222:

ID: 929140

3. The guy who had to peel his sticker family off his minivan after the divorce:

ID: 928825

4. Anyone who confides in Walmart:

(Notice who took the screenshot.)

ID: 929185

5. People who buy themselves these cards:

ID: 929148

6. This girl eating chocolate alone in her car:

ID: 929149

7. This incredulous stabbing victim:

ID: 929210

8. Matt, and his stupid goatee:

ID: 929229

9. People who are driven to self-harm by blob fish:

ID: 929159

10. Anyone who gets a Zune tattoo covered up with a Dick Cheney tattoo:

ID: 929162

11. Anyone just trying to make a living:

ID: 929224

12. People who fight about Kool-Aid:

ID: 929180

13. This procrastinator:

ID: 929226

14. Khloe Kardashian:

ID: 929217

15. Anyone who complains about their boss on Facebook:

ID: 929213

16. Flavor Flav:

ID: 929220

17. People who are friends with their girlfriend’s parents on Facebook:

ID: 929168

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