24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

Something tells me that the children of all these parents are going to grow up to be just fine.

1. The mom who came up with the “get along shirt.”

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2. These parents who know how to travel with kids.

ID: 1111104

3. Any parent that uses the same tactics on their kids and their cats.

ID: 1111090

4. These parents who are planning for the future.

ID: 1111101

5. The masterminds who came up with this trick.

ID: 1111093

6. The parent who wakes up their kids like this.

ID: 1111094

7. This dad who finally got his baby to fall asleep.

ID: 1111095

8. This dad who taught his son the classics.

ID: 1111111

9. The parent who taught their daughter to have a healthy perspective on gender roles.

ID: 1111110

10. This thoughtful father who planned ahead on Halloween.

ID: 1111107

11. This dad who has a surprise planned for his kids.

ID: 1111098

12. This parent who teamed up with the tooth fairy to get what they wanted.

ID: 1111100

13. Any parent who names their kid “Tahra Dactyl.”

ID: 1111106

14. The parent who brought blanket forts to a whole new level.

ID: 1111097

15. This dad who came up with the greatest father/baby costume ever.

ID: 1111103

16. This mom who is teaching her kids to use social media responsibly.

ID: 1111102

17. This dad who introduced his son to his hobbies.

ID: 1111092

18. This dad who just wants his kid to appreciate the great outdoors.

ID: 1111088

19. This dad who lets his kid go out dressed as Batman.

ID: 1111096

20. This dad who discovered a lifehack that makes everyone happy.

ID: 1111108

21. This dad who is equal parts embarrassing and awesome.

ID: 1111112

22. This mom who still knows how to have fun.

ID: 1111109

23. This dad who taught his son to not waste food.

Annie Robertson / Via thefriendlyfox.com
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24. This dad who punished his daughter by making her wear his face to school.

ID: 1111091

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