• 2 Size 6 Diapers

    Two size 6 Huggies diapers will comfortably absorb one bottle of wine without leaking.

  • 1 Human Skull

    With 22oz to spare.

  • 37.5 Average Human Testicles

  • 1 Extra Large Shampoo Bottle

    With 8oz to spare

  • 1 Large IV Bag

    with 8.5oz to spare

  • 1 Standard Soap Dispener

  • 1 Disposable Medical Bedpan

    with 8.5oz to spare

  • 1 Ten Pound Seedless Watermelon

    It helps if the watermelon is overripe, and can take as many as 2 days to fully absorb the wine.

  • 1 Average Male Bladder

    With only 50ml to spare, a human with the entire contents of a bottle of wine in their bladder would have a painful urge to urinate.