• Germany: Hauptmann Deutchland

    Germany: Hauptmann Deutchland

    Hauptmann Deutchland is German for ‘Captain Germany.’

  • Canada: Major Mapleleaf

    Canada: Major Mapleleaf

  • China: Collective Man

    China: Collective Man

    Collective Man is actually five identical brothers that can merge into one body with the collected strength of every Chinese citizen.

  • Israel: Sabra

    Israel: Sabra

  • Russia (Former USSR): Red Guardian

    Russia (Former USSR): Red Guardian

  • Saudi Arabia: Arabian Knight

    Saudi Arabia: Arabian Knight

  • England: Captain Britain and Union Jack

    England: Captain Britain and Union Jack

  • Ireland: Shamrock

    Ireland: Shamrock

  • Tasmania: Tasmanian Devil

    Tasmania: Tasmanian Devil

  • Japan: Silver Samurai

    Japan: Silver Samurai

  • France: Adamantine

    France: Adamantine

  • Mexico: El Muerto

    Mexico: El Muerto

  • Argentina: Defensor

    Argentina: Defensor

  • The Philippines: Red Feather

    The Philippines: Red Feather