30 Moments That Will Haunt You For Life

You will never live this down.

1. When you’re watching a movie, and your parents walk in during the sex scene.

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2. Putting your hand up for a high five when it was intended for the person behind you.

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3. Going through the checkout with just a plunger.

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4. Sleeping over at a friend’s house and waking up first.

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5. Clogging the toilet at a friend’s house.

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6. Saying, “Good, how are you?” after someone asks “How are you?”

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7. Saying, “Not much,” after someone asks “How are you?”

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8. “Everyone choose a partner.”

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9. Running into a casual friend at the grocery store, then seeing them every couple minutes as you shop.

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10. Your waiter says, “Enjoy your meal.” You say, “You too.”

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11. Giving a stranger directions, and only realizing they were wrong after the stranger drives away.

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12. Person giving you a haircut asks what you do. You say, “I work at ______, what do you do?”

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13. Calling your teacher mom.

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14. Calling your boss dad.

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15. Accidentally saying “I love you” on the phone with a co-worker.

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16. Making eye contact with the person in a bathroom stall when you’re checking to see if it’s open.

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17. Laughing at an inside joke you’re not in on.

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18. Trying to pull off a sweatshirt in public, and all of your shirts come off.

ID: 2924961

19. Apologizing to a table after bumping into it.

ID: 2924964

20. Sitting quietly as the restaurant staff sings all of “Happy Birthday” to you.

ID: 2924966

21. Having a store employee find something for you that they see you then decide not to buy.

ID: 2924969

22. Realizing your fly is open.

ID: 2924970

23. Realizing you haven’t been to the bathroom in hours.

ID: 2924979

24. Getting caught staring at someone, then pretending you were looking around the room.

ID: 2924982

25. Accidentally liking someone’s Instagram photo from two years ago.

ID: 2924983

26. Walking down a long hallway toward someone you know and not knowing where to look.

ID: 2924989

27. Someone knocks on the door of the public restroom you’re in. You freeze and say nothing.

ID: 2924992

28. Walking the wrong direction, then pretending to check your phone before turning around.

ID: 2924994

29. Shaking a cashier’s hand when they reach for your credit card.

ID: 2924996

30. Getting caught singing and dancing by yourself in your car.

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