The 17 Greatest Love Notes From Kids

Kids express the darndest deep, meaningful emotions.

1. Smart AND charming? What a catch!

ID: 1145083

2. Is that a threat?

ID: 1145091

3. Maybe a little desperate? But it’s still pretty endearing.

ID: 1145082

4. This kid is going places. (Mars.)

ID: 1145084

5. Holy Gwockomoly! That’s a lot of compliments.

ID: 1145085

6. This is actually a very healthy emotional reaction.

ID: 1145086

7. You’d take it as a compliment if you had any idea how much this kid loves cows.

ID: 1145087

8. Tragically accurate.

ID: 1145088

9. This kid’s not easily impressed.

ID: 1145089

10. Truly heartfelt. Er– buttfelt… I guess.

ID: 1145093

11. Needs to work on the spelling a bit, but the sentiment is there.

ID: 1145094

12. This is serious, guys.

ID: 1145095

13. Jonas here is using a technique called “negging.” You’d be surprised how well it works.

ID: 1145096

14. Ah, the direct approach. Bold.

ID: 1145097

15. Visuals definitely help.

ID: 1145098

16. You can express your love without committing to someone.

ID: 1145099

17. Seems cryptic, but that mystery keeps you guessing. Very intriguing.

ID: 1145092

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