26 People On Whisper You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Even if it’s anonymous, there are some things you should keep to yourself.

1. This guy who extinguished what sounded like a hell of a party:

2. This creep:

3. This sad, lonely dude:

4. This bullet dodger:

5. This guy whose standards are way too low:

6. This guy who actually might be on to something:

7. This woman who is so sick of Ethel’s shit:

8. This guy who discovered a dark secret about his friend and them himself:

9. And this guy who discovered an even darker secret:

10. This employee of the year:

11. This guy who has way too much time on his hands:

12. This child at heart:

13. This pre-op selfie taker:

14. This artistic masturbator:

15. This woman who said what we were all thinking:

16. These helpful gents:

17. This faux foreigner:

18. This woman who was almost too hungover to sext during church this morning:

19. This guy who just gets it:

20. This expecting father:

21. This woman who found a convenient workaround for bra shopping:

22. This woman who has higher standards than the rest of the riff raff:

23. This inspirational princess:

24. This guy who finally used all that math he learned in elementary school that he thought he’d never use:

25. This spiteful philanthropist:

26. And this guy who understands the futility of Whisper:

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