23 People Who Got Exactly What They Had Coming To Them

This is nobody’s fault but your own.

1. This future poet laureate.

2. This guy who thought he was the first to discover an awesome shortcut.

3. This guy who thought he had finally found an opponent he could take.

4. This parking enforcement officer who got a taste of his own medicine.

5. This guy who didn’t think anyone would notice if he just shot up the shoulder.

6. This guy who immediately regretted annoying his bunk mate.

7. This prankster who was hoisted on her own petard.

8. This belligerent vandal.

9. This foiled phone thief.

10. This victim of admittedly unexpected physics.

11. The guy who thought it was OK to leave his dog in the car on a hot day.

12. This dunker who wound up drenched.

13. This woman whose friends probably saw this one coming.

14. This premature celebrator.

15. This trooper who fought the law. (The law won.)

16. This science project saboteur’s sister.

17. This guy who’s just running in for a second! I swear!

18. This pushy pedestrian.

20. The company who sent the priciest junk mail of all time.

21. This cat whose owner finally turned the tables on him.

22. This drunk who tried to get a free ride.

23. And Scott Kelly. He knows what he did.

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