23 Incredibly Helpful Crash Reports

It must blow to be the dude who has to read these.

1. Be as detailed as possible.

2. Try to avoid comparisons to competing products.

3. Remember: The report concerns the status of your software, not your furniture.

4. Try to remain positive.

5. Be succinct.

6. Focus on one issue at a time.

7. Focus on the important things.

8. Look for workarounds.

10. Try to avoid speaking in metaphors.

11. Report any previous errors of the same nature.

12. Keep a clear head.

13. If it helps describe the problem, drop a graphic into the error report screen.

14. Try to isolate any environmental issues that may have caused the problem.

16. Give a second-by-second recap of the moments leading up to the crash.

17. Write the report as though it’s going to read by a dog or small monkey.

18. Try to express your emotional state at the time of the crash.

19. Always report errors, even if the crash occurs when the program is closing.

20. Check your privilege.

21. Try to be non-threatening.

22. It’s okay to get a little poetic.

23. Avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

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