23 Incredibly Helpful Crash Reports

It must blow to be the dude who has to read these.

1. Be as detailed as possible.

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2. Try to avoid comparisons to competing products.

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3. Remember: The report concerns the status of your software, not your furniture.

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4. Try to remain positive.

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5. Be succinct.

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6. Focus on one issue at a time.

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7. Focus on the important things.

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8. Look for workarounds.

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9. Be honest.

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10. Try to avoid speaking in metaphors.

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11. Report any previous errors of the same nature.

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12. Keep a clear head.

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13. If it helps describe the problem, drop a graphic into the error report screen.

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14. Try to isolate any environmental issues that may have caused the problem.

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15. Don’t ramble.

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16. Give a second-by-second recap of the moments leading up to the crash.

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17. Write the report as though it’s going to read by a dog or small monkey.

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18. Try to express your emotional state at the time of the crash.

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19. Always report errors, even if the crash occurs when the program is closing.

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20. Check your privilege.

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21. Try to be non-threatening.

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22. It’s okay to get a little poetic.

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23. Avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

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