36 Hazards You Can Expect To Encounter While Driving In Russia

Whoever is in charge of handing out driver’s licenses in Russia is long overdue for a performance review.

1. Cars flipping over for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

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2. Creepy naked babies coming out of absolutely nowhere.

ID: 1192660

3. Wide, WIDE left turns.

ID: 1192652

4. Cars driving upside-down.

ID: 1192649

5. Massive trucks bursting into flames.

ID: 1192623

6. Or suddenly and unexpectedly toppling over then ramming you head-on.

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7. You’ll also see disgruntled pedestrians who have a lot of feelings about the way you drive.

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8. Especially if you almost run into them.

ID: 1192637

9. People who don’t take kindly to insurance scammers.

ID: 1192626

10. Some pretty sick Fast and Furious–style stunts.

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11. Extremely close calls and very nimble pedestrians.

ID: 1192628

12. Unexpected open manholes.

ID: 1192630

13. Sudden appearances from low-flying helicopters.

ID: 1192632

14. And fighter jets.

ID: 1192641

15. People who left the gas station in a hurry.

ID: 1192634

16. Lightning striking.

ID: 1192639

17. Motorists who have no issue driving an automobile missing a wheel.

ID: 1192640

18. Left turns from the right lane.

ID: 1192642

19. Lumber trucks suddenly tipping over, sending logs flying everywhere like in Final Destination.

ID: 1192643

20. Accident victims who have better places to be.

ID: 1192644

21. Surprise branches.

ID: 1192646

22. Semis with convenient ejection seats.

ID: 1192645

23. Shoulder cutters receiving instant karma.

ID: 1192647

24. Compact tractors.

ID: 1192650

25. Hay bales on wheels.

ID: 1192636

26. Motorists with little regard for medians.

ID: 1192651

27. But for all the crazy things, there are also a lot of heartwarming sights, like this stranger clearing off someone’s signals for them.

ID: 1192656

28. Or people stopping just to help old ladies across the street.

ID: 1192659

29. It happens all the time over there.

ID: 1192662

30. Or stopping to help people with crutches get back on their feet.

ID: 1192658

31. There’s also a lot of stopping for impromptu horse crossings.

ID: 1192633

32. Or cat crossings.

ID: 1192663

33. Or duckling crossings.

ID: 1192664

34. Motorcyclists helping people with their mirrors.

ID: 1192665

35. And a lot of people helping one another out with a quick tow.

ID: 1192661

36. And a little gratitude for a good deed.

ID: 1192669

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