18 “Game Of Thrones” Joke Only Dads Will Find Funny

Game of Thrones dad jokes are your new favorite thing.

1. What do Ygritte and a Honda HS520A have in common? They’re both snow-blowers.

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2. Where do you take your direwolf to get fixed? The Kingspayer.

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3. What was Jon Snow’s bakery called? You know muffins, Jon Snow.

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4. What did the railing say to the stairs? A bannister always pays his steps.

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5. What did the dragon have at McDonalds? A Qarther Pounder.

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6. Why couldn’t Robb Stark find his car? Because Lord Karstart was executed for treason.

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7. What is the name of the Stark family barbershop? Winter Is Combing.

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8. What stopped winter from coming? Winterfell and it can’t get up!

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9. What is Robb Stark’s favorite soup? Italian Wedding Massacre.

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10. How many Starks does it take to change a light bulb? Nine: one to get executed, one to marry a dwarf, one to dress like a boy, two to get lost up north, and the rest to get horribly massacred at a wedding.

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11. What game show is Theon Greyjoy on? Wheel of Torture.

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12. What’s Ygritte’s nickname for Jon Snow’s penis? The Snow Cone.

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13. What three rings do you need to marry one of Walter Frey’s daughters? A wedding ring, suffe-ring, and murder-ring.

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14. What’s the difference between Cersei Lannister and a direwolf? Lipstick.

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15. What did the police yell when Walder Frey and his sons tried to rob the Red Keep? “Freys! Put your hands in the air!”

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16. Why did Bran take a bath? Because everyone complained of a strong Hodor.

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17. You heard about the guy that always got wrinkled clothes back from the dry cleaners, right? He didn’t want to pay the iron price.

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18. The same guy tried to get his pants hemmed at the Greyjoy Laundry, but they wouldn’t do it. The guy said “We Do Not Sew”

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