22 Everyday Occurrences In Russia

Drunken pig riding, bears on leashes, earth wizards… And that’s all just the stuff someone managed to get on camera.

1. Instead of deciding where to go, pedestrians in Russia rely on gentle nudges from automobiles to guide them.

2. It’s totally normal for police officers to get in car accidents with nuclear ICBMs.

3. You need an advanced degree in math to take an elevator anywhere.

4. Heavy, razor-sharp sheets of metal swinging precariously above traffic? No big deal.

5. Citizens are very strict about leash laws.

6. Office supply stores have everything a modern office could need.

7. This is either a martial arts demonstration, or a city council meeting. Impossible to say for sure.

8. Banquets aren’t just for banquet halls in Russia.

9. Sure, it looks weird on pavement, but wait till she gets to the 45 mile downhill slalom portion of her walk to work.

10. If anyone is missing a collection of man-sized dinosaurs, I think I found them.

11. There are strict, zero tolerance drunk driving laws, but there are other ways to get home after you’ve had a few.

12. Who needs a bike when you have a modified police barricade?

13. You know a better way to clean the interior of your car?

14. No mail slot? No problem. Just dropping off some flyers for his new window repair service.

15. Traffic suddenly jams up for totally understandable reasons.

16. Illegally parking in other countries will get you a boot. In Russia, you get something else.

17. Spock isn’t a character in Russia. He’s a lifestyle.

18. Pedestrians are very polite, and follow the rules of the road. Oh, I’m sorry. I meant cats, not pedestrians.

19. This is the actual flag of Zheleznogorsk. Yes, that’s a bear wrestling open an atom.

20. Photoshop? Nope. Just Russia.

21. Even the mirror selfies in Russia are a little more badass.

22. And finally, you may have hears a rumor that everyone in Russia carries an AK-47s. They do.


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