29 Bad Habits You Picked Up From Charlie Kelly


Are you living your life like Charlie Kelly?

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Here’s why…

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1. You don’t floss as much as you should.

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2. You take in way too many carbs.

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3. And way too much cheese.

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4. In fact, you don’t really pay attention to what you put in your body at all.

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5. And you don’t care.

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6. Yet you’re not above shaming others for their habits.

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7. Because you’ve got terrible impulse control.

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8. You drink too much.

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9. In fact, you have a hard time coping when you’re sober.

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10. You’ve also got substance abuse problems.

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11. You’re not as well-educated as you could be.

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12. You are essentially unemployable.

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13. You’re not terribly continental.

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14. You never really think all the way through a plan before you start it.

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15. You don’t appreciate nature.

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16. Or animals.

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17. You’re prone to excessive jingoism.

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18. You’ve got an Oedipus complex.

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19. You’re not great with kids.

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20. You’re prone to violence.

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21. You’re not a great listener.

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22. You’re critical of your friends.

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23. And you’re never really there for them.

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24. You steal.

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25. You play too many video games.

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26. You always want to be the center of attention.

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27. And you’ve got no sense of shame.

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28. You don’t know as much about echinoderms as you think you do.

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29. And you eat stickers all the time.

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So next time you think, WWCKD? Just do the opposite.

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